Big Brown Furry Balls

Good posture is so important, as any good old wives tale will tell you. Whenever I think of posture I always seem to think of a lady’s finishing school and people walking round with books on their heads. Why this would make for good posture I don’t know, I think that I would probably instead… Continue Reading

Bloody Good Shruti Box Drone

I have always liked a good drone. The musical type I mean, not a male ant, although I should add that I have nothing against good male ants, I’m sure they do fantastic work in their local community. I mean the kind of drone where where a note or chord is continuously sounded throughout most or all… Continue Reading

Musical Presents

It’s always so difficult to know what to buy people as presents. I like to buy people CDs, DVDs or books that I think they would like. The trouble is that if I think they would like them, they surely they must have thought that about some of them too and bought them for themselves,… Continue Reading

Start With The Blank Page

Hmm, I think I understand a little bit what writer’s block must be like. Looking at a blank page is a pretty daunting way to start something off and that’s what greets you when you write your first blog. Suddenly everything that has happened to you throughout what little of your life you seem to… Continue Reading