My First Single – Make It Better

I’m a very excited Stephen today, although I’m less excited now that I have referred to myself in the 3rd person. This is something I promise myself that I won’t do, isn’t it Stephen?

Anyway, I’m very excited because today my first single, Make It Better has been release and is available for people to buy. You may remember that I previously wrote a blog about the recording of this song.

Stephen Caulfield – Make It Better

It certainly is a very nice feeling to type your name into iTunes or Amazon and see something you have made appear before your eyes. I have bundled Make It Better up with a B-Side called Gone that I am very fond of. There are also two alternative mixes of Make It Better, an Acoustic Mix and an Instrumental version.

The Make It Better single is available in lots of different online stores including iTunes, Amazon, emusic, 7Digital and Play. If you do happen to buy yourself a copy, then please accept my immensely warm gratitude.



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