To the Lighthouse

I’m very pleased to say my new album, To the Lighthouse is released today. I have been working on it for 5 years on and off and it is a real labour of love that I am very proud of. I really hope you enjoy it.

This link lets you buy or stream it from your preferred place, however if you buy it from Bandcamp you are getting it directly from me – and you even get a bonus PDF booklet to say thank you!

As well as the music on To the Lighthouse, I have made videos for each track on the album using footage I have recorded on my phone over the years during numerous visits to Iceland. The videos reflect the inspiration the landscapes have given me and help to tell and expand on the stories and narratives being expressed by each piece of music.

To the Lighthouse is a very personal collection of music that was inspired by the stunning Icelandic scenery combined with a number of emotional narratives and journeys that I wanted to tell through music without using any words or lyrics. The music is evocative of places, emotions and moments in time, both fictional and real-life and the album journeys from the darkest part of the night through to daylight, with golden sunlight bursting through the clouds to light and warm the landscape once again.

Version 2

The album was written and recorded over a 5 year period and is rich with analogue synths, strings, piano, brass and field recordings of the Icelandic landscapes. These sounds are woven together into a cohesive sonic palate used throughout the album, although in reference to the natural environment in Iceland, the intention was often to strip back the instrumentation to reflect the stark natural beauty of the Icelandic landscapes. The resulting music freely shifts between genres such as ambient, contemporary classical and electronica, whilst still maintaining its own identity.

To The Lighthouse 1Version 2


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