I’ve made a new album. It’s called Circuits and it kind of took me by surprise. I wasn’t planning on making it and all of a sudden, there it was. I had been working on music for a number of different projects and when I put them together I realised that they worked well together… Continue Reading

In Winter, I Collapse

People sometimes assume that Iceland is covered in snow and ice all year round because of its name. Depending on where you are, this isn’t the case for most of the year. However when the winter does come, the snow and ice often come in abundance and it’s cold and dark for most of the… Continue Reading

Everything Is Remembered

I find watching the waves wash on and off the black sand beach very hypnotic and you can easily get lost in your thoughts and memories – which suits this song very well. Everything Is Remembered – Instrumental Electronica Music Video, featuring the beautiful landscapes of Iceland. Written, performed & produced by Stephen Caulfield. Taken… Continue Reading

The Hallway

One of the main reasons I first wanted to visit Iceland was because of all the volcanic and geothermal activity. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to visit lots of stunning locations all over the country and seen it first hand. It’s a real reminder of the power and beauty of nature and the… Continue Reading

Passing Through the Town

We stayed at this lovely hotel on our first visit to Iceland and many time since there too. I had great fun editing hours of time-lapse footage into a composite video that shows all the traffic passing the hotel during the night. I then had even more fun editing certain elements to highlight the drum… Continue Reading

To the Lighthouse

I’m very pleased to say my new album, To the Lighthouse is released today. I have been working on it for 5 years on and off and it is a real labour of love that I am very proud of. I really hope you enjoy it. This link lets you buy or stream it from… Continue Reading